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Who We Are

inbitcoin is the Italian company that develops Products and Services for the use of Bitcoin

We are developers, researchers, academics, marketers and bitcoin pioneers, we founded our company based on one single thought :

“nothing will ever be the same after bitcoin”

We are based in Italy, our offices are in Trento, Rovereto, Milan and Pordenone.

Our head office is in Rovereto, a city located in the north-east region of Trentino. Trentino is an exceptional place in italy particularly in regard to bitcoin and blockchain technology. We call it “Bitcoin Valley” where people are able to live on bitcoin with more than 50 merchants accepting it using our products and services.

In the inbitcoin valley you can refuel your car paying in bitcoin, charge your mobile phone card with it and enjoy a wide range of restaurants and bars accepting bitcoin. Our aim is to create a region of the future where a person can live, work have fun and take care of all the most important aspect that money can buy... using bitcoin. Merchants that accept bitcoin are happy of the results and italians are starting to have more and more interest towards this awesome technology.

We work with foreign innovative companies situated in England, Luxembourg, Malta, Holland, and the USA.

inbitcoin is working on propagating knowledge on Bitcoin and Blockchain by organizing meetups and speeches.

We don't only develop products we also create new models for innovation and services by analysing our clients’ businesses. Bitcoin is not just currency, it makes your business more efficient by making it save money and more suited to burgeoning markets in tune with this new technology. That is why we want you to start thinking inbitcoin.

Our B2C products

Our first B2C product "inbitcoin business" makes it possible for every business owner to start accepting bitcoin in a safe and professional manner.

Our B2B products

Are tailormade, customized for every client and diversified for all enterprises, yet bitcoin and the blockchain are real game changers and can help all types of business sectors.

Do you have an idea? Are you searching for developing expertise? Contact us.

Are you a business owner and you want to start accepting bitcoin as a payment method?

You own a business and want to know more about how inbitcoin can help you improve it?

Do you want to organize or host an “inbitcoin talk” to share these topics in your city?

Contact us here

inbitcoin BUSINESS

inbitcoin business is our service for Retailers that enables your business to accept bitcoin as a payment method. The first step to start using bitcoin is by accepting it and inbitcoin business gives you the key to access the bitcoin world.

inbitcoin business is a simple and easy way to receive payments with Bitcoin, abtechnology innovation which allows for new economic horizons and unprecedented business opportunities.

inbitcoin business is secure and professional.

inbitcoin business allows you to split your income: if you decide to receive Euros our software will convert the income from bitcoin to Euros.
You will receive that currency amount directly on your bank account as if the payment was made with a credit card or debit card.

By using inbitcoin business you can add powerful tools enabling international sales without using any third party websites, eliminating time consuming payment queues, increasing security and adding professionality in your bitcoin environment.
More powerful and advanced services which remain user friendly.

inbitcoin business is the starting point for any business wanting to accept bitcoin payment online.
For more information Contact us here, we are always happy to meet new users of bitcoin.

inbitcoin WALLET

Altana is the wallet which enables you to receive and spend your bitcoin.

It is truly userfriendly and provides strong security by using a multisignature service that keeps your private keys only on your own device - this means you are the only one that can control your money.

Just remember to make a copy of your bitcoin keys (the wallet backup)!

Altana integrates perfectly with the bitcoin environment, allowing for easy payment procedures by leveraging the instruments available by inbitcoin


the ledger - The Blockchain is a cryptographically secure public distributed ledger where every transaction made on the Bitcoin Network is recorded, validated, and confirmed.
The Blockchain has a very organized and infallible structure based on transparency, hence data is available to everyone and not modifiable.
This allows to develop better products and solutions for the financial world. inbitcoin offers different services on the the Blockchain, for example the possibility to make a notary use of it, with inbitcoin's ForEver. The most interesting developments of the Blockchain besides bitcoin are the possibility of exchanging types of ownership in the digital world. For example documentation services, and the possibility of creating on the Blockchain automated contracts (smart contracts) which are independent of human interferences.

We develop and support services and new tecnologies such as

  • Smart contracts: Contracts translated in code that self accomplish and automatically apply their clauses without human interferences.
  • Notarization: certificate in a distributed and mathematically assured manner contracts, documents and property.
  • Digital immortality: could be compared to writing texts,images etc. on "diamonds"
  • Copyright: notarization, digital immortality and other information to certify author's copyright.
  • Financial products and programmable money
  • Segregated Witness (segwit): another innovative step in bitcoin's blockchain that we now support.


Bitcoin is digital money, usable through the internet and accessible with a smartphone.
It can be used without limits by individuals, companies and automated systems, with scant costs, all over the world on the internet.
Bitcoin is not controlled by banks or nations , it is controlled by all Bitcoin users around the world.
Bitcoins do not represent value, but are actual value, and for this reason they are comparable to precious metals - rare and of wide utility, but in a digital format

How does it works

no bureaucracy

Bitcoin is digital money, usable through the internet and accessible with a smartphone.
Bitcoins can be used without limits by individuals, companies and automated systems, with scant costs, all over the world on the internet.

Making payments with Bitcoin guarantees privacy and eliminates the eventuality of credit card theft, password appropriation, or debit fraud. Bitcoin cannot be manipulated from central banks or nation governments, nor requires a credit card or a bank account to be used.

Transactions are immediate and can be made at every hour, by day, by night, on sundays and on every non working day.
The Bitcoin Network is active since January 3d 2009 and keeps growing every year.

The Bitcoin Network uses the Blockchain technology to manage the decentralized transactions through which they are secure, irrevocable and verifiable at any moment.

Transactions in bitcoin do not need a banking circuit this is why using bitcoin is cheaper and free from restrictions.
Accepting bitcoin as a form of payment is simple and fast. No special registration procedures are neessary and in a few hours it is possible to start accepting bitcoin.

The Bitcoin network does not need high cost of transaction as in the banking circuits. In the bitcoin word fees are much lower than the ones we are habituated to being charged in the banking system; they are set on a volontary basis and managed by those who are transacting: the client.

In the inbitcoin world the merchant or whomever is receiving a payment is not exposed to any cost. On the other side, clients save on saving/ checking account fees and euro transactions.


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