Comproeuro, 05-12-2018

1st Anniversary of Comproeuro

We celebrate with the community the 1st Anniversary of Comproeuro stores, the first in Europe to offer people the opportunity to go to a physical place to discover, learn, choose and use Bitcoin as a payment method in real life.

The Bitcoin Valley of Rovereto is the experience of a community that can today #vivereinbitcoin for real, in the same place where it lives, works, does the shopping and all the activities that are part of our habits. And it is from Bitcoin Valley that Comproeuro has begun to spread throughout Italy, to bring the access to Bitcoin to every person with the #Terraforming project.

One year later, the Comproeuro stores were also opened in Pordenone, Lignano (temporary summer store) and Bologna, and two others are on their way. Comproeuro has hired new employees and has entered into agreements with the associations so that the use of Bitcoin can be effectively promoted and facilitated. In the Comproeuro of Italy we also started to offer basic courses on Bitcoin, completely free and usable by citizens.

After a year we also remember the collaborations with countless newspapers, TV and radio on the national and foreign territory including Le Iene, RaiNews24, Wired, Bitcoin Magazine, People, and many others who have told our adventure, including the author Alessia Gozzi who has nicely described the characteristics of our ecosystem with the publication of her book "Bitcoin Generation".

The influx of tourists, bloggers and European researchers that continues to emerge to know this project completely Italian and that yesterday, took us on the international podium of the world countries with the largest concentration of merchants who accept payments in bitcoin.

And it is from this new goal that we thank you and we hope with you to continue to track and innovate again, the Comproeuro stores and the spread of Bitcoin throughout Italy.

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