Bitcoin Valley _ 02-08-2018

The spread of Lightning Network is growing day by day

Enthusiasm and concern; death and resurrection. Bitcoin is often referred to from the point of view of economic value.

In all this background noise, technology, fortunately, silently advances, without respite.

A year ago in the torrid summer climate the Bitcoin Community was set on fire: the adoption of SegWit that would open its doors to LN.
We had lined up with the hashtag #segwiteci to put us in favor of a technological solution that would allow Bitcoin to scale and be more rapid, widespread and economical. We have supported the advent of the Bitcoin Lightning Network Layer2, which uses (necessarily) the system. And today we are happy to have helped this reality and this vision.

Only a year has passed, and today we want to share with you the situation: the adoption of SegWit is constantly increasing, representing 36.24% of the total transactions of the network. As of August 1, 2018, Lightning Network nodes increased by 12.52%, open channels were 30.1% and network capacity increased by 215%.

Now, what does all this mean?

That every new node, every open channel makes the possibility of the concrete use of Lightning Network ever more real, cheap and fast. The diffusion of technology is due to the participants in the network: not companies or governments, but the contribution that each of us and of you makes by joining or creating a node. In a few years it will be obvious to ask us how we have been able to live without this freedom of choice and comfort for so long.

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ln spread.png LN al 1 agosto 2018.png SegWit 1gen-1ago 2018.png LN.png