Villa Cattaneo, Pordenone _ 07-09-2018

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We invite you to the 3rd Bitcoin Meetup Pordenone: Friday September 07th 2018 from 7.30pm to 10.30pm.

The event organized by Bcademy in collaboration with Comproeuro Pordenone will be held at the historic location of Villa Cattaneo in Via Vllanova di Sotto 16, in Pordenone.

During the evening, Marco Amadori, CEO of inbitcoin srl, will be the guest speaker and will be the contact person of the project related to the note "Bitcoin Valley Trentina", which will show the most mature innovation of recent implementations to Bitcoin technology: Lightning Network. With the adoption of SegWit and Lightning Network, Bitcoin transactions take on a new look: faster, cheaper and more efficient. Are you curious to know more?

Guido Pascotto and Lia Correzzola, Co-founders of the recent Bcademy of Pordenone, will also take part in the meeting, the Italian academy for the training of professional Bitcoin experts, who will present all the news learned from the Building on Bitcoin Conference * held in Lisbon in early July, where inbitcoin srl, Bcademy and Comproeuro participated as a partner.

* (Annual international conference attended by the major Bitcoin companies and developers)

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