Bitcoin Bay _ 28-06-2018

The first Comproeuro of the famous seaside resort opens in Lignano Pineta

The official opening of Comproeuro Lignano will be held today from 7.00 pm in Via Lungomare Kechler 1, in Lignano Pineta (UD): the temporary store opened by Comproeuro Pordenone that will offer the local population and tourists from all over the world the opportunity to access an immediate and tangible way to the Bitcoin ecosystem for the entire 2018 summer season.

Comproeuro Lignano in collaboration with inbitcoin, Triveneto Servizi and all the commercial realities that participate in the Bitcoin Bay project is the first meeting point with Bitcoin technology, so that even those who have not yet had the opportunity, can experiment on their own skin what means #vivereinbitcoin.

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