Bcademy _ 25-10-2018

Bitcoin Maximalism Meetup: Giacomo Zucco at Bcademy

The speech of Giacomo Zucco, CEO of Blockchainlab and professor of Bcademy (the Italian academy for the training of professionals Bitcoin Blockchain, originated last spring from the ecosystem of inbitcoin) has dealt with various topics of interest to the Bitcoin world from the development of Lightning Network technologies to RGB, but it has also focused on clarifying some cornerstones and paradigms of interest for those of cryptocurrency wants to know as much as possible.

One of the most discussed topics concerns the comparison between Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies, known as Altcoins and defined by James as 99.99% scams (that is, technically unreliable or in any case clearly inferior to the quality standard that Bitcoin technology proposes today). In the video below we propose part of the speech on why among the cryptocurrencies we as James, we only point to Bitcoin.

The simplest explanation to compare Bitcoin with other crypt mainly concerns a factor of history (for those who are not technicians in the industry to be verified by itself): that is, Bitcoin was born in 2008 with the open source White Paper of Satoshi Nakamoto days we will celebrate the tenth anniversary (31.10.2008) and the birth of the Network with the creation of the first Bitcoin block "Genesis Block" on January 3, 2009.

From that moment on, a team of developers from all over the world created and spontaneously aggregated, with no economic return in the interest for this exceptional new technological protocol, which integrated knowledge from different and complex sectors such as the study of game theory, cryptography, computer networking and economic and monetary theory. The personalities that still make up the team and have the skills to discuss the most technical and profound aspects can still be counted on the fingers of one hand: it is the Core Bitcoin team working on the research and development of the protocol.

In the following years the Core Bitcoin has studied and examined every single element of the protocol, belonging to the aforementioned disciplines and the way they are integrated to evaluate if Bitcoin was "vulnerable" or "perfectible". Part of these projects and elements, taken, evaluated and discarded by the Core team have become the basis on which companies have been built, those that today offer part of the best known and most recognized in the world.

Here's the reason why some say "I'm not a Bitcoin Maximalist, I'm a minimalist altcoin" (cited above, developer at Building on Bitcoin Conference, Lisbon 2018).

Giacomo Zucco states that Bitcoin is the Standard and is very difficult to overcome (today, with the knowledge that there are), with this he compares it to the Internet by asking a simple question: "Bitcoin is like the Internet, and what comes after the Internet?" .. "Internet!".

The first part of the live is yours.

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