Bitcoin Valley _ 31-08-2018

Bitcoin between noises and signals from the point of view of economists

The great economics discuss Bitcoin. We believe that Bitcoin was the greatest invention of humanity, and has a pleasant sound, #beat #bit #Bitcoin.

The digital world scarcity until 2009 did not exist. With the invention of Bitcoin a new chapter of History opens up: no more gold bars under the mattress or fiduciary credits with third parties. Bitcoin as technology of intrinsic value, free from the political or cultural system, free and transparent, transferable even at a distance, personal and distributed.

While the newspapers are discussing price fluctuations in Bitcoin or network transaction capacity, the Bitcoin R & D Communities are continuing their efforts to improve the quality of this technology.

Beyond the statistics, beyond the futures on numbers: our society could today do without digital?

Millennials born with the smartphone in the hands of the bureaucracy managed electronically up to Wi-Fi networks that from the stool to the bar allow us to share moments of life without boundaries or limits. Could we imagine doing without it?

However, it is not always easy to distinguish the noises from the signals: "The growth of the Internet will be drastically, as the flaw in 'Metcalfe's law'-which states that the number of potential connections in the network of the number of By: 2005 or so, it will be clear that the Internet has been no longer than the fax machine's. " (1998 Cit. Paul Krugman) #confused prognostics

Bitcoin: No longer "The Money of Internet", but "The Internet of Money". Whether it's Value?

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