Reggio Emilia _ 26-10-2018

► SAVE THE DATE _ Blockchain e Bitcoin Generation #Meetup ◄

Friday 26 October 2018 from 8.45 pm at the Hotel Posta in Piazza del Monte, in Reggio Emilia (RE), we invite you to the Bitcoin Blockchain Generation event.

During the evening will be presented the experience of Bitcoin Valley Trentino and Terraforming of inbitcoin: a project of collaboration between citizens, merchants, companies, local authorities and shops Comproeuro for the development of ecosystems and Bitcoin communities in Italy.

Introducing the Bitcoin technology will include: Nicola Vaccari, co-founder of inbitcoin and CEO of the Comproeuro chain of stores; Alessia Gozzi, journalist and author of the note "survival map and anti fake news guide for the world of cryptocurrencies".

We are waiting for you!

Blockchain Bitcoin Generation Meetup.jpg