3rd meeting of CEPS Taskforce, Brussels  _ 13-09-2018

Towards a European Internet of Value? The experience of inbitcoin

Towards a European Internet of Value?

Today in Brussels Stefano Capaccioli, Chartered Accountant and Auditor expert in Bitcoin will bring to the attention of the CEPS (Center for European Policy Studies) Task Force the Case of #BitcoinValley trentina: from legal analysis to development prospects.

The intervention of S. Capaccioli during the afternoon session will specifically address the issue of remuneration to employees of #inbitcoin srl who each month can choose to receive their salary in Euro, Dollars, other traditional currencies, #Bitcoin and / or both, at its discretion according to the setting of the desired percentages.

During the Conference the aspects related to the Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) will be evaluated and examined in depth, as well as the use of the Blockchain to strengthen the European Union's single digital market.

We hope that the Report drawn up by the CEPS Task Force can contribute to the European regulatory development, so that the Italian and European contexts are increasingly ready to accept and support technological innovation, money and alternative payment systems.

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