Bitcoin City _ 29-09-2018

Comproeuro Bologna: from the inauguration to the birth of the first Bitcoin City of Italy

Bitcoin City of Italy is born in Bologna: Comproeuro inaugurates in the heart of Bologna the first store in Emilia to access the Bitcoin world.

"Not just the sale of cryptocurrency: The planned activities will range from the info-point to consulting, from the purchase of bitcoin to the organization of themed events and training for the use of bitcoin".

Bologna, the Italian city of culture for history and value, has won a new name these days. "La Dotta, La Grassa, La Rossa" could not wait much longer before taking part in the progressive evolution of Bitcoin technology and the Community's initiatives, and this is how thanks to the opening of Comproeuro Bologna launches into a new innovative project, to make Bologna the first "Bitcoin City" in Italy.

He is Enrico Cavicchioli, CEO of Comproeuro Bologna, the leader of the initiative that after a decade of entrepreneurial career, decides at the beginning of 2018 to sell its business to invest time and resources in the new project, to give life also in the his beloved Bologna to the opportunity to live in bitcoin, as it has been for the past two years in the well known Bitcoin Valley of Trento.

After having met and visited Comproeuro Rovereto last winter, E. Cavicchioli immediately understood and shared the philosophy of the Comproeuro franchise, or the interest in opening physical sales points where both citizens and businesses could find an answer and assistance in accessing in the Bitcoin world both as an innovative technology and as an alternative payment system to the traditional one.

Why was "Bitcoin City" conceived first in Bologna, rather than in other Italian cities or metropolises?

Bologna is a young, university reality, full of potentials and situations that lend themselves to finding solutions. For example, in the city there are many young people who study as off-campus university annually. It is often that part of the population defined as unbanked, which lives the financial hardship related to not having its own banking current. The ability to credit in real time, away from your smartphone, an amount that can be spent 24 hours a day, every day of the year, is a service that could guarantee these children and their families a greater tranquility and comfort in accessing their funds.

The idea is to be present not to let people invest, but to build and extend the "Terraforming Bitcoin" in Italian cities and communities. In continuity to the project of the "Bitcoin Valley" of Rovereto Comproeuro Bologna opens to apply and adapt to the city, more urban and extended in size and population, objectives similar to those imagined and pursued in Trentino by inbitcoin srl and Bmanity. Moreover, continues E.Cavicchioli "I love Bologna so much that I can say that there is only one thing missing: the Bitcoin. Here I studied, I have friends and I love the beauty, the air and every corner of the city. I want to give all my fellow citizens of #livinginbitcoin chance ".

Comproeuro Bologna was born with enthusiasm and a strong motivation. The store is already active from 15 September in Viale Silvani 20 / E near the beautiful Lame gate. The location, officially inaugurated on Saturday 29 September, has been carefully chosen in a central position, to allow everyone to be able to arrive there during the day (outside the Limited Traffic Zone).

Among the initiatives available immediately there is the possibility to participate in free daily courses (and others for a fee) for a total of 12 people at a time, who will receive a first basic training to approach the theme, more and more of cultural interest . In addition, an office has also been set up within the shop, designed to welcome and coordinate collaborative activities with the future Comproeuro sales outlets in Emilia Romagna.

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