Mani Al Cielo, Bitcoin Valley _ 13-06-2018

The first Lightning Network transaction in Europe has been executed through inbitcoin Business LN

At the beginning of June the first Lightning Network inbitcoin node was set up and is now operating at the local Mani Al Cielo in Rovereto: for the first time in Europe a lightning transaction was carried out to buy an asset in a local thanks to the PoS lightning of inbitcoin.

The Team inbitcoin thanks all the activities that have believed in us since the beginning and for this: the uniqueness of this service will be reserved above all to the pioneers who have embarked on this incredible journey in the Bitcoin world, in the experience of a new freedom and found again. We are proud to invite the whole community to celebrate this new possibility with us. Who is not in line, do not wait for the line !! #inbitcoinlightning

With the PoS "inbitcoin Business LN" the first #inbitcoinlightning transaction is never forgotten. #vivereinbitcoin

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