Bitcoin Valley _ 14-09-2018

Friend, tell me: what is Bitcoin?

One of the biggest challenges of introducing a friend or an acquaintance in the Bitcoin world concerns the very first question we are going to answer, or "Tell me, what is Bitcoin?".

The fascinating feature of all this is that to explain it we could associate Bitcoin with a Chameleon, a finely adaptive animal that changes the color of its skin depending on the environment in which we observe it and through the eyes with which we look at it. Bitcoin is "many things for many people", from the technological sphere to the economy, to the market; from ethics to everyday life.

Satoshi Nakamoto in the White Paper defined it as an electronic money system peer to peer, but to date we have discovered that Bitcoin can truly be read in a thousand and one thousand ways: the IT developer will tell you that it is technology, a software available free and free community; the family of Latin America will be able to present it as a survival tool to purchase goods of necessity despite the economic crisis in their country; the passionate crypto-anarchist you will describe the properties of Liberty and Revolution, others will explain to you that it is an open and distributed book to which everyone has access and can verify the insertion of information over time, an indestructible Library of Alexandria .

In the Bitcoin Valley of Rovereto Bitcoin is used as an alternative payment system, to transfer value and pay off the drinks at the bar or weekend shopping. Bitcoin is also a full time service active all day without breaks, every day of the year.

Different voices that together complete a true puzzle to each piece.

Bitcoin is the invention that opens the door to new innovative possibilities, a historical turning point that resembles the process for which communication between people at a distance has gone from sending mail letters to sending e-mails from a PC.

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For more information on the HACKERNOON Blog _ "Bitcoin Will Become a Basic Utility, Just Like Email", Miguel Cuneta.

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