Italianotizie24 _ 10-08-2018

How can I use the Lightning Network technology?

In the interview with Mattia Mancin for Italianotizie24 the applications of Lightning Network technology imagined and described by Marco offer broad future prospects: from the possibility of using services based on actual consumption through instant, economic and secure bitcoin transactions, with the possibility to access directly and purchase digitally represented material goods.

The description of a futuristic world or a reality that slowly takes shape within our habits?

In the Bitcoin Valley of Rovereto we are already experimenting with the use cases introduced on Bitcoin by Lightning Network and we are curious to explore with you solutions to real everyday problems.

In the following article you can also find the first news concerning the nascent research and development project on which the Bitcoin Community is working: RGB, or the Real Goods on Bitcoin. Curious to find out what it is?

Click to read the article (Italian language)..
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