Bitcoin Valley _ 31-10-2018

Ten years since the birth of the Bitcoin White Paper: "A peer to peer electronic cash system"

"It was October 31, 2008 when the term Bitcoin appeared on the internet for the first time, by publishing what would become the bible of cryptocurrencies: Satoshi Nakamoto's White Paper".

There is no inbitcoin without Bitcoin

We are grateful and happy to celebrate a decade of #Bitcoin with the Community:

the invention of scarcity in the digital world that has radically changed our lives and that has created not only a new cultural landmark, but has clearly contributed to the innovative technological and market development.

inbitcoin has been working for two years with passion and commitment to the growth of this technology, developing user-friendly applications, through an activity of information dissemination and promoting and supporting the birth of new bitcoin communities.

Our team has chosen to trace its own path in the footsteps of what Bitcoin has been, is and will be.

Best wishes to everyone another decade of Maximalism Bitcoin!

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