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FABRICA _ A new possibility: Bitcoin

The interview of M. Rubiola to M. Amadori (CEO of inbitcoin) during the participation in the cultural program "High on Subversion" by Fabrica, the center of resistance and research on creativity and communication directed by Oliviero Toscani.

Marco Amadori and Giacomo Zucco (Nerd, Bitcoin Evangelist and Libertarian Activist) participated this spring at Fabrica (event on Subversion, Creativity and Communication directed by Oliviero Toscani) to illustrate, describe, argue, demonstrate, calculate and explain the whole mechanism and the philosophy behind digital coins to an audience of skeptical and curious people who varied from successful multinational entrepreneurs and hackers and international activists.

The enthusiasm in the room was not lacking and an interview was born by Marco Rubiola to be enjoyed: Bitcoin as a revolutionary conquest able to mark the history and restart it on new cultural paradims and opportunities.

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