Bitcoin Valley _ 15-10-2018

Liquid is Live. What will be the benefit for the Bitcoin Community?

The Blockstream Liquid project is live since October 10th and a few days ago we have outlined its main features.
Now, what are the benefits?

On FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) occasions, and during the "trading peaks", when people use Bitcoin's Blockchain to exchange bitcoin between Exchanges, a slowdown and an increase in costs may occur (mining fees) bitcoin transactions, due to possible network congestion.

Liquid, being a Bitcoin sidechain, is particularly interesting because it could (and can be) inserted by absorbing part of the arbitrage transactions, the flow of movements from one Exchange to another, lightening the Bitcoin chain.

The result? Transactions in bitcoin "smoothly": to safeguard the ordinariness of waiting times and transaction validation costs. The innovative technology and the pleasant aspects for the whole Bitcoin Community.

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