Bitcoin Valley _ 25-09-2018

The Terraforming of inbitcoin is realized

Adapt to reality or try to adapt the environment around us?

inbitcoin with the "Bitcoin Valley" project from the past two years to today has paved the way for an aim increasingly shared by Italian realities and communities, that of offering in every area of ​​the boot (and not only) the possibility to accept payments inbitcoin .

Thanks to the diffusion of the Comproeuro franchising chain, realized in projects such as Bitcoin Bay of Lignano and Bitcoin City of Bologna, Terraforming expands beyond Trentino. The doors then open to new events, seminars and opportunities for the growing communities in Friuli and Emilia.

The first goal of Terraforming is to create areas that offer all the basic services to the citizen who lives or works in the region. Aspects such as: drinking, eating, paying the rent, making petrol, having fun and playing sports, but also paying taxes, meal vouchers for students, light, gas and shopping in general.

A growing number of traders have decided to join, investing in person, to the project with the most various levels of involvement. Even companies that have been operating in the areas affected by Terraforming for years are starting to get interested in bitcoins and are looking for the best way to incorporate them into their offer. Bitcoin resembles the internet, uses and applications are many and the limit is our creativity or our needs.

The second objective is to attract new tourists to the growing international "bitcoiners" community.

The third objective is to stimulate and stimulate new innovative start-ups in the blockchain and bitcoin field, both Italian and foreign, to move to live in the terraformed areas.

The philosophy of "Terraforming inbitcoin" goes far beyond the idea of ​​spreading an alternative payment system made possible by technology, but refers to the Mission of creating and recreating Ecosystems and culture #Bitcoin spread among citizens, organizations, companies and territories, so that from bottom to top a social revolution takes place that leads to an increasing awareness and responsibility for the choice and use of financial management tools.

As the Internet has made public the opportunity to access and exchange information and Uber and BlaBlaCar have made the sphere of services free thanks to the car-sharing and transport apps, so Bitcoin proposes the breakthrough disintermediatrice in the economic field.

A revolution that affects financial and technological areas in the first place, but also concerns the social conscience and the culture of our own and of the next generations on themes of fundamental interest all over the world. Suffice it to think of situations such as those in countries where legal tender currency has suffered inflation and households have lost economic capacity to purchase basic necessities, or to the case of that part of the population defined as "unbanked", to date strongly limited in access to basic resources.

Some have defined Terraforming inbitcoin as "A fun experiment of controlled financial anarchy"; it may be, as may be the first intent to extend a new phenomenon that we hope will grow in freedom and responsibility.

Terraforming inbitcoin for us in the sense of a network ambition, more and more possible thanks to the "peer to peer" and the "store to store".