Bitcoin Venezia Meetup _ 29-06-2018

► SAVE THE DATE _ Lightning over Bitcoin: Lightning Network has arrived ◄

To all the most passionate bitcoiners: Do you already know the Lightning Network technology?

Tonight 29 June 2018 from 19.00 to 22.30 at the Mainardi Auditorium of the Scientific Campus in Via Torino 155, in Mestre (VE) Marco Amadori (CEO of inbitcoin) will introduce you to the world of Lightning Networks Technologies: from theory to practice, up to possible future of the higher levels of Bitcoin in order to discover together the revolutionary scope of this technological implementation. The door to immediate, unlimited transactions and reduced commission costs is finally open.

For the first time in Europe the theory was translated, thanks to the work of the development team of inbitcoin, in a concrete application: in June 2018 at the Mani Al Cielo bar in Rovereto the first commercial transaction Lightning Network on PoS was carried out enabled to purchase a tangible asset. If you are curious to investigate what is happening in the Trentino Bitcoin Valley, during the evening will be shared the considerations on this historical passage that for years was waiting for.

The complete program of the meeting and the seat reservation are available at the following link

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