inbitcoin for BUSINESS

Our services enable your business to accept, buy, sell and use bitcoin anywhere.

Access to the bitcoin world, simple and secure.

From Bitcoin Valley with love.



Extended and broad knowledge, a hands-on approach and close collaboration can achieve what a standard product cannot.

We offer technological partnerships specifically targeted to your industry field and application scope, be it building or insurance, energy production and transport or hospitality and tourism. Let’s analyze your project or idea and make it a success, together we can build anything, from decentralized travel insurances to waste handling path certification. Find out how bitcoin and blockchain technology can make it easier to achieve your goal, get up to speed with the latest discoveries and developments and reach higher targets, quicker.


Who We Are

inbitcoin is the Italian company that develops Products and Services for the use of Bitcoin

We are the first Italian company that helps You think in bitcoin with developers, researchers, teachers and bitcoin pioneers that gathered to study and take maximum advantage of this new disruptive technology.

Bitcoin and Blockchain are our domain

Our customers span from companies operating in the energy, travel and building sectors to brick and mortar merchants and physical shops, ranging from SMBs to public institutions.

Our strength comes from conceiving products and services that help customers benefit from opportunities coming from real-world bitcoin applications in work environments and everyday life. Many use cases are still to be envisaged.

Our vision is for Bitcoin and Blockchain to become part of our society so radically as to modify existing infrastructure. The disintermediation process will have an immense impact, even bigger than Über or BlaBlaCar that still rely on some centralization.

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